This Game was made in 3 days for the "Mini Jam 29 Ninja" Game jam. Full Screen Recommended. the Controls are WASD or the arrow keys for movement and space bar to  jump *you can double jump*

 In This Platformer death is your only friend. Play as the Ninja Guy himself Dan as you die and die and die


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Ok thx
Was an entertaining challenge although i didnt finish tbh.

Thanks glad you liked it

Could it be that your camera isnt following?

No for some reason when publishing on WebGl it cuts of a bit of the boarder you can just go into full screen to fix that. And no the camera is meant to stay stationary.

It looked like it was cutting off for me even in fullscreen. May be due to my screen's aspect ratio. :(

Click the blue full-screen button that one will enlarge the camara.